A look into Cubebit’s 2020

Cubebit has been working seamlessly throughout 2020 to give its community members, the best in class products that stand out from the traditional and conventional ones in the market. Right from the first day of 2020, Cubebit uses to storm new ideas that suit people to lead better lives and to upgrade their standard of living. Cubebit successfully came up with a variety of products that include, cpay, cubex, adcube, decube, and so on. A[art form these complete products, Cubebit had protocols developed for the upcoming platforms including B2B.

So, the ultimate aim of cubebit is to implement every possible idea in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space that will enhance the standard of living by making finance and investment available to anyone at a low cost. People who are unbanked or who are from underdeveloped nations can now easily access the multi-billion dollar crypto industry through Cubebit.

What is up with Cubebit?

Almost all the products mentioned above were worked simultaneously throughout the year. While a product is under development, the brainstorming for the next product was concurrently done, to ensure that all the products reach the general public as quickly as possible.

The first step towards Cpay was the prototyping of personal and business wallets following which both the web wallets were launched. Cpay merchant is an idea of allowing merchants to accept payments via Cpay or other leading cryptocurrencies through direct invoices, eliminating the need for traditional financial structures. The Cpay lending/staking programs were developed after the proper build of Cpay infrastructure. And the facility for sending email invoices and getting paid in no time was integrated with the platform.

In between the flow, the strategies were planned for Cube protocol which also includes research about the new type of consensus (Proof of Time). Following the alpha version of the hybrid cryptocurrency exchange Cubex, the beta version was also launched. Now, Cubex is ready for trade with enhanced security features and with the lowest slippage rate (5%) in the market.

Adcube was also launched in the Q3 of 2020. Adcube is a decentralized platform for empowering the creators, advertisers & recommendators. Contributors or cryptocurrency enthusiasts from any corner of the world can take part in the contribution program and support the cubebit ecosystem. It is not limited by any restrictions.

Decube — the future of finance and blockchain was launched following the alpha and beta tests. Decube exploits the power of blockchain in finance and paves way for a new financial world like never before.

In addition to this product development and launches, Cubebit discharged a full-fledged focus on certain strategies like CUB burning to maintain the supply-demand ratio and keep up the purchasing power of the coins. The main idea was to make the coins mineable i.e. move them to the native blockchain.

What can you expect in 2021?

Now Cpay is working on the launch of physical cryptocurrency cards for the direct spending of cryptocurrencies in the market. This launch is expected to happen soon in the first quarter of 2021. Cubebit has planned to procure a fintech banking license to operate worldwide in the Q2 of 2021.

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