The exponential growth of blockchain technology has made more and more people put their money into this arena since it is one of the biggest inventions ever made that will revolutionize how the traditional markets work right from finance to investment. Everything financial process is replaced by an equivalent blockchain process including lending and borrowing.

Cpay offers loans for community members from all over the world. Cpay targets not only the individuals who are in desperate need of funds but also the penultimate aim of Cpay is to support institutions of bigger sizes as well.

If you are an institution…

Now direct spending of cryptocurrency is made possible with Cpay. You can spend your crypto assets on the go across the Cpay merchant network. Also, there is no fee associated with it. So, there is no way you pay extra for the products and services you enjoy. When you spend your crypto assets with Cpay, the conversion of crypto to fiat currencies is lightning fast. There is no conversion fee or anything. Enjoy spending your crypto assets.

Carry crypto on the go

Now you need not take a hand full of cash or credit or debit cards to pay people…

Now getting a loan is no tedious process. The advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has made almost all the traditional processes easy. It has significantly reduced the and time associated with the process. Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency is the perfect solution for the problems associated with traditional financial systems.

Getting approval for loans in banks is a time taking process. You will subject to a lot of paper works and terms and procedures. You will have to make a number of visits to the bank to keep track of your loan status amidst your busy schedule. With Cpay you can get…

With Cpay, direct spending of crypto assets is made easy. Now, people can spend cryptocurrencies for purchasing products and services across the globe. The crypto transactions are easy, transparent, and quick. So, Cpay gives you a whole new experience of purchase.

When you pay with cryptocurrencies, there are no custodians or intermediaries involved in the transactions. In traditional payment mechanisms, the banks or other third-party payment processors have access to your funds and they complete your payment instead of you. This is not the safest way around.

Benefits as a buyer

As a buyer, you need not suffer anymore with…

Adcube is a decentralized networking platform with a high degree of transparency and liquidity that allows the participants to share, contribute, and earn. Adcube was initiated with an intention of empowering the creators, advertisers, and people who recommend it. Everything that occurs here has no middlemen. It is always between you and Adcube, to maximize the gain.

Unleash the power of compounding

You can join the pool of contributors who are clubbed to contribute to the cubebit ecosystem and its development. An important thing to here is that the platform is 100% decentralized and there are no intermediaries or custodians…

Cubebit has been working seamlessly throughout 2020 to give its community members, the best in class products that stand out from the traditional and conventional ones in the market. Right from the first day of 2020, Cubebit uses to storm new ideas that suit people to lead better lives and to upgrade their standard of living. Cubebit successfully came up with a variety of products that include, cpay, cubex, adcube, decube, and so on. A[art form these complete products, Cubebit had protocols developed for the upcoming platforms including B2B.

So, the ultimate aim of cubebit is to implement every possible…

The major reason that stops people from switching to cryptocurrency is its inability to spend them directly in the market. With the ability to use crypto directly for the purchase of products and services, the demand for cryptocurrency in the market increases. This will ultimately result in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency that will take the finance and investment to next level.

Exploit your crypto assets with Cpay cards

Cpay offers you crypto cards that allow you to spend your crypto in the market in a seamless manner. The way Cpay crypto cards work is unbelievably amazing. …

Before the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the term passive income was not so frequent in society. It has been a mountain task for a trader to set up a way for earning passive income. With, cryptocurrencies, and the birth of DeFi, passive income is made so easy. With Cpay, you can make effective use of your crypto assets by making them earn for you. Cpay offers you an APY of 10–15% for your assets. You can get your interests deposited to your wallets daily.

Benefits of Cpay

1) Cpay has fair and flexible plans

With Cpay, you can lock…

You can pay for your purchase without having to take out your credit or debit cards. When your clients send you the invoice through mail or when you click the actionable pay button on the sender’s website, you will be directed to the checkout page.

Step 1 :

Enter your email and name in the respective columns to help your client recognize you. You can see the bill amount at the top of the checkout box. After filling in the details click “continue”.

Checkout page

Step 2 :

To your surprise, you will have four options to complete your payments. You can…

When you use Cpay for accepting the payments, you need not wait for the banks to process your payments which might take hours and even days. You can quickly generate an invoice through a web interface and create payment buttons for embedding in your website.

Step 1 :

Visit Cpay merchant and login into your account. Click “Payment Tolls” on the panel on the left side of the page.

setting up quick checkout

Step 2 :

Click “Quick checkout for web”. A list of your sent checkouts will appear. To create a new checkout, click “Create Checkout”.

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